How to show your support

Okay, first I want to thank you for view this page if you are looking for ways to show your support for the clan. It really means a lot. And remember you can show your support in many ways by given what you can, but please don't give more than you can. This means if you can't give funds, but you can give your time well that is just as important and sometimes even more so.

There used to be a nice system for clans or groups to use years ago to pool funds together and use for a common goal. That system is no longer around to use. Also, I can't seem to find one that is a good replacement for it. The best way I found nowadays to pool funds together is to use sending funds this way doesn't cost the sender or the receiver a percentage of the funds. So below you will find a link I set up a long time ago, but I had it hidden till now.

The first major goal I want to set this will be on top of a few that I'm working on, and I’ll share those later. Will be for some memory and bigger CPU for the server. I'll be filling in the goal amount later and coming up with a way to display this as well.

The idea of this type of thing is for all to support not just the same people repeatedly. And years ago, I called it a coffee fund, and I still think of it that way, to me this means you put in the amount it takes to buy a cup or two of coffee. And remember if you can’t afford to put funds in giving your time is just as important.

Again, thank you for your support.