The OAC Rank Hierarchy

Rank 01. (PVT) Recruit

E-1 Private - Enlisted Soldier - U.S. Army Ranks

Private (PVT) is the lowest enlisted rank in the United States Army hierarchy, and is the entry-level rank for trainees beginning Basic Combat Training (BCT). Entry-level Privates do not wear any rank insignia, and may be referred to as "recruits", "trainees", or informally as "fuzzies," which is referring to the blank black velcro patch on a PVT's uniform sleeve, that will later hold their rank insignia. The primary responsibility of a Private is to obey the orders of their superior officers to the best of their abilities. A PVT will be automatically promoted to pay grade PV2 after six monthes of service. Private is the 1st rank in the United States Army . A private is an Enlisted Soldier at DoD paygrade E-1, with a starting monthly pay of $1,567.

Rank 02. (PV2) Private

Rank 03. (PFC) Private First Class

Rank 04. (SPC) Specialist

Rank 05. (CPL) Corporal

Rank 06. (SGT) Sergeant

Rank 07. (SSG) Staff Sergeant

Rank 08. (SFC) Sergeant First Class

Rank 09. (MSG) Master Sergeant

Rank 10. (1SG) First Sergeant

Rank 11. (SGM) Sergeant Major

Rank 12. (CSM) Command Sergeant Major

Rank 13. (SOA) Sergeant Major Of The Army

Rank 14. (WO1) Warrant Officer 1

Rank 15. (CW2) Chief Warrant Officer 2

Rank 16. (CW3) Chief Warrant Officer 3

Rank 17. (CW4) Chief Warrant Officer 4

Rank 18. (CW5) Chief Warrant Officer 5

Rank 19. (2LT) Second Lieutenant

Rank 20. (1LT) First Lieutenant

Rank 21. (CPT) Captain

Rank 22. (MAJ) Major

Rank 23. (LTC) Lieutenant Colonel

Rank 24. (COL) Colonel

Rank 25. (BG) Brigadier General

Rank 26. (MG) Major General

Rank 27. (LTG) Lieutenant General

Rank 28. (GEN) General

Rank 29. (GOA) General Of The Army

Rank 30 - (RET) Retired