Order Amongst Chaos Clan Rules

These rules are intended to clarify the various responsibilities of all Order Amongst Chaos clan members. They have been compiled by the [-OAC-] Officers and shall be adhered to by everyone. These rules are in place to ensure that our community runs smoothly and provides a safe, fun, and productive experience for all clan members and our visitors.

Please address any questions you may have about these rules to one of our community team members.

  1. Overall

    1. Must have a positive attitude. #
    2. Must be respectful towards others. #
    3. Should be a team player, be helpful if and when you can. #
  2. Webpage

    1. You must register to the clans website. #
    2. You should have your notifications settings set so you will get a email from the website when you get a PM from another clan member. #
  3. TeamSpeak

    1. Everyone in the clan must be on TeamSpeak when in game. If you don't see a channel that fits your needs submit a request to have one added.
      1. If you are in game and not on TeamSpeak and get asked why you are not in TeamSpeak and ignore the message. You can and most likely will get reported.
      2. You are only allowed to be reported 3 times before you are excluded from the clan.
      3. If you want to report someone please visit the post on how to report someone for violation of this rule.
    2. You must observer the clean chat channels. This is to ensure a safe and friendly environment. No vulgar langue is allowed in these channels. #
    3. Listen actively and attentively. #
    4. Do not interrupt one another. Everyone gets a chance to talk. #
    5. Try not to distract or annoy your clan mates. #
    6. Ask for clarification if you are confused. #
    7. You should always ask before moving someone if you have that power. #
    8. If your going to leave your computer please use the AFK (Away from keyboard) Channel. #
    9. If your not going to leave your computer but want or need to have quiet please use the quiet room. Remember this room is only if your playing and want a quiet place to play if your AFK please use the AFK channel. #
  4. In Game

    1. If you are in a online game, you should be logged into the clan's TeamSpeak server. Being logged in teamspeak is a must for World of Tanks. It's also nice for other games as well if your logged in you have a better chance of having someone join you playing the same game as you. #
  5. World of Tanks

    1. Must be logged into TeamSpeak. #
    2. Minimum battles fought: 500 #
    3. Minimum Victories/Battles ratio: 40 #
    4. Minimum average experience per battle: 350 #
    5. Minimum Tier: None, but must have tier VI within 30 days. #